Camera Obscura Project
in memory of Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and the worldwide first Photography - Mai 1816 - non fixed


I was born 1996 in Stuttgart in . At the age of 6 I joined my father in his photo studio for the first time. I still remember the moment when he photographed my hand with a pinhole camera. The exposed negative was then developed in the darkroom. My father looked concentrated at the paper as it changed in the developer fluid. It was as if he was waiting for something. Suddenly, he pulled it out of the liquid with a quick swing and showed it me. In the shine of the red light there was a black and white hand, my hand. It was mysterious to me, it was magic!


On that day I discovered my enthusiasm for analogue photography which remains until today.In 2015 I graduated from the Free Waldorf School Uhlandsöhe and went on a photographic study trip through Asia and Australia. Since 2017 I am leading the project The 7th Day by myself.